Counselling Service

Knowsley Carers Centre operates a free and confidential counselling service to adult carers and former carers registered with the service.

The experience of looking after a relative, friend or neighbour can be very isolating. Often the focus of attention is on the person being cared for and the carers can feel guilty about having and expressing some of their own feelings. Counselling can help to unravel these feelings, thoughts and difficulties. Counsellors assist by listening carefully and accepting carers' concerns. Carers are not told what to do or given advice. The aim is to help them make their own choices and then put them into practice.

Areas covered by counselling include:

Counselling sessions last approximately one hour and offer complete confidentiality. Due to the high demand of this service, there is a waiting list. Ten sessions are allocated per carer but this can be flexible.

If you would like to put your name down on the counselling waiting list, please contact Knowsley Carers Centre on 0151 549 1412.