Mon 8
May 2017
Carers Strategy Group – Thursday 11th May
The sessions are specifically for Carers to come along and meet with Healthwatch and Knowsley Council to discuss some of the issues faced by Carers. At the sessions we will be discussing the Carers Strategy for Knowsley, this will be a great opportunity to share your views and look at how Carers within Knowsley can be supported. Your input will be valued and attendees from the Knowsley Council Commissioning Team will be in attendance to hear your views.

Thu 12
Jan 2017
Moving and Handling Course
Today in the UK, more than 1 in 10 of us are an unpaid carer, looking after a friend or family member with illness or disability.
70% of unpaid carers already suffer from back pain - the worlds leading cause of human disability.
Suffering severe back pain not only reduces your ability to help the person you are caring for move around, it can also impact your overall ability to look after them (and often yourself, too).
Tue 1
Nov 2016
Female Only Spa
Are you feeling stressed, run down or just need time out from your caring role, then we have a female spa day on the 22nd November.This package includes a light lunch which will be served in the relaxation room and your choice of one 60 minute treatment. Call 0151 549 1412 for more information.
Tue 1
Nov 2016
Male Only Spa Day
Are you feeling stressed, run down or just need time out from your caring role, then we have a Male only spa day on the 6th December.
Only 8 places available.
This package includes a light lunch which will be served in the relaxation room and your choice of one 60 minute treatment. Call 0151 549 1412 for more information.

Wed 6
Jan 2016
The Carers Voice Course
Knowsley Carers Centre would like to hear from carers who would be interested in taking part in a short course entitled The Carers Voice. The aim of this course is to prepare and support carers to take part in forums and training activities where they will put forward the carers perspective. For more information contact Knowsley Carers Centre on 0151 549 1412
Tue 24
Nov 2015
Do you have a child under 18?
Help protect them from flu with a simple nasal spray or vaccination. If your child suffers from certain health conditions, including asthma, epilepsy,diabetes, liver or kidney disease, even if well managed, catching flu can cause serious illness. Contact your GP and make an appointment today.(Read on..)
Thu 29
Oct 2015
Carers Rights Day
On Carers Rights Day (Friday 20th November), Knowsley Carers Centre will be holding an event at the office in Bewley Drive, Kirkby at which there will be a presentation on carers assessments. This could be of interest to anyone who has applied for, or is considering applying for a carers assessment.
Thu 29
Oct 2015
Joint Strategic Needs Assessment
Knowsleys Health and Wellbeing Board are currently updating the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment for the Borough, which sets out the health and wellbeing needs of Knowsley. As part of the process the council are seeking views on the main issues for community members who have a learning or physical disability and access services in Knowsley.
Wed 26
Aug 2015
Carers and Adult Social Care Forum
On Wednesday 30th September, (10 am- 12.00) Knowsley Carers Centre will be holding a forum to explore any issues that carers may be experiencing in relation to Adult Social Care Services.
Mon 10
Aug 2015
Adult Social Care Local Account.
It is the time of year again when Knowsley Council are developing the Adult Social Care Local Account.
A local account is a type of annual report which explains to residents how well local adult social care is supporting people in their local area. To have your say, read on..
Tue 14
Apr 2015
Healthy Homes in Knowsley
Knowsley Council along with fourteen other partner agencies are running the increasingly successful Healthy Homes Initiative. The aim is to improve both the living conditions, and health and wellbeing of residents by offering free help and advice about a wide range of issues.
Wed 18
Feb 2015
Carers and the Cuts
Knowsley Carers Centre recently held an event at the Old Schoolhouse, Huyton, during which carers were given the opportunity to direct their questions about cuts in services that affect them and the people they care for to a panel of invited guests. The panel was made up of officers from Adult Social Care including Julie Moss, Assistant Executive Director of Adult Social Care, Darren Persand, Senior Commissioning Manager and Terry Corry, Head of Service, Adult Social Care.
Wed 1
Oct 2014
Dementia Friends
Why not book on to a Dementia Friends session and help make your community more dementia-friendly?

Search for a session near you
Mon 15
Sep 2014
Don't forget your flu jab!
Knowsley Carers Centre is urging carers to ask their GP for a free flu jab this winter. Every winter, the vast majority of unpaid carers miss out on a free flu jab, despite the fact that they're entitled to request one from their GP if they're the main carer for someone who's ill or disabled and whose health would be at risk if they fell ill.
Thu 11
Sep 2014
Minimum wage rise causes loss of income for carers
Thu 11
Sep 2014
Carers Survey on the uptake and quality of Annual Health Checks for Adults with Learning Disabilities
Learning Disability Carers Community and Karens Page have produced a survey to investigate the uptake, quality and barriers to accessing the health-checks.