'Time For Me' Voucher Scheme

Time for Me vouchers can be used to pay for extra hours from a Care Agency. They work best when an agency is already providing care so that the cared for is used to having someone else looking after them. The purpose of the vouchers is to give the carer a bit of free time to do something they enjoy. That could be visiting friends, shopping, an evening out, going to the hairdressers etc. They are not to be used for a carer to attend their own health appointments. If you find yourself in that situation you should contact the Knowsley Access Team and explain that you need support to attend your own health appointments. That can take a little while to organise so occasionally Time for Me vouchers are issued as an emergency measure.

Not all agencies are part of this scheme so sometimes Direct Payments are authorised specifically to pay for extra care. To get some vouchers or the Direct Payments the first step is to call the Knowsley Access Team on 0151 443 2600. Listen for the number of the extension for Adult Services. You will then be able to speak to someone who will take your details and arrange for an Assessor to call you to arrange an assessment. That can either take place over the telephone or a home visit or somewhere convenient for you such as the Carers Centre. Although this may seem longwinded the Carers Assessments have proved to be worthwhile and the Assessor will make sure that you have all the support you and your cared for are entitled to as well as the award you get directly from the Assessment. One of the options is Time For Me vouchers. If your cared for has a care package in place already the award is 15 vouchers. If there is no care package you can have 25. In exceptional circumstances an extra 5 are awarded. The assessor will discuss other options with you so even if you have had Time for Me vouchers before you might decide to have something different. However you cannot have something else and the vouchers.

If you had an Assessment last year and had Time for Me vouchers you will have a shorter review just to be sure you still need Time for Me vouchers or whether something else would be better for you.

If you would like some help deciding what is best before you have an Assessment ring the Carers Centre and ask for a Support Worker to discuss some choices with you.

If you have any questions please contact 0151 549 1412.